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We are two You-Tubers Ahmed Ibrahim  and Syed Muhammad Talha  running their own 
YouTube channels DOT IT  and SMART TECH TV .  This is our blog GET DESIRE  
which provide you to download  crack Software , PC Games , latest news and hack-able 
techniques  about Technology and also provide you a complete guide Computer,  Mobile, 
Laptop and other Techonology.

The purpose to launch this blog is to make people's easy to getting their desire software,
games and information. If you have any query Tech information or you want to suggest
any idea about this blog you can mail us on getawesomedesire@gmail.com  InshaAllah
we will reply you as soon as possible and also appreciate your efforts.

Thanks !  

About Us

Name                                                                  Channel Name

Ahmed Ibrahim                                                  DOT IT

Syed Muhammad Talha                                   SMART TECH TV


Country          :          Pakistan

State               :          Sindh

City                 :          Hyderabad


Gmail            :          getawesomedesire@gmail.com

Instagram    :          https://www.instagram.com/getdesireofficial

Facebook     :          https://www.facebook.com/getdesireofficial

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  1. great boys keep it up ... i saw your YouTube video also subscribed.. and than visit your website downloaded two … good achievement .. keep going GOD Bless you both..